Why the Small Ultra-Portable Vape Device Use Is on The Rise?

Vaping is on the rise than ever before. However, in recent time vapers are looking for ultra-portable vape devices than of any big devices. There is a simple reason behind it that people are looking for devices which are easy to carry and easy to hide. The flavor is another reason behind start vaping. However, in the big mods or pod mods, the flavor somewhere gets lost within the cloud generation. Here are some more reasons which are behind the popularity of the ultra-portable devices.

Nicotine Salts

Most of the vapers made their transition from smoking. Thus, it is not that easy to leave the craze of nicotine for them. In the mods, due to high wattage level, freebase juices are generally used. Such juices cannot satisfy the urge of the vapers for nicotine.

On the contrary, small devices generally focus on the flavor output, and thus they use nicotine salts. These types of e-juices are easy to inhale. Due to the higher nicotine amount, they easily satisfy the nicotine cravings of the users.


MTL Vaping

Most of the mods usually give a direct to lungs experience to the vapers. However, this is not the way one generally smokes. During smoking one generally, inhale from the mouth to lung. It is also known as mouth to lung or MTL vaping. Small ultra-portable vape devices used to replicate this MTL style vaping. Therefore, these are capable of giving better satisfaction to the vapers like smoking a cigarette.

Small and Stylish looks

Most of the mods look heavy and big. It is difficult to carry the mods in the pocket. Therefore, mobility becomes a huge issue when it comes to big devices. Further, carrying it to a place, where vaping is not welcomed is another problem with these devices.

However, most of the small portable devices are very sleek and easy to carry devices. In a few cases, it is difficult to recognize them as a vaping device unless one points out. An example is STIG that looks more like a Pendrive rather than a vaping device. Therefore, such small devices making it easier for the vapers.


Financial obligations often come in between smoking and vaping. The reason is simple as mod devices are a high-cost affair. It is difficult to invest in something which you are not sure about using. While buying such a device, you do not even know that you will get success in your vaping journey or not.

On the contrary, small ultra portable vape device is comparatively cheap. Therefore, one does not need to think too much about it.